Nipple and Areola Reconstruction

The nipple and the pigmented skin of the breast known as the areola may be surgically removed as a part of your cancer care.

Some women enjoy the smooth contour of the reconstructed breast mound once the nipple has been removed. They relate the pleasure of retiring foam-formed bras for soft bralettes or even going bra-less after reconstruction but miss having central pigmentation.  No worries, Dr. Marga is proficient in 3-D nipple reconstruction using a tattoo method therefore restoring a natural nipple and areolar appearance without the drawback of an elevated nipple bud.

For those whom desire a central prominence to the nipple, local tissue flaps are easily preformed under local anesthesia as an initial step.  Pigmentation is added 3-months later as the final step of a completed breast reconstruction.

Dr. Marga offers nipple and areola reconstruction and tattooing in the sterile environment of the operating room for your safety and privacy.  All products are sterile therefore insuring the highest level of protection against infection. Your case is handled as safely as all other surgical procedures therefore you need not worry that you will have to frequent a tattoo parlor to complete your reconstructive experience.

Breast Cancer Badge

Dr. Marga is pleased to evaluate your unique breast concerns to include your radiographic evaluations and physical examination to define the most appropriate onco-plastic surgical outcome with a focus on oncologic safety and superior cosmesis after cancer care.