Concierge Breast Care by Dr. Marga

Imagine speaking with an expert breast care physician at night after work or on the weekends while not leaving the comfort of your own home….

Imagine having your husband and loved ones available for an uninterrupted, in-depth information exchange with a breast care expert on a multi-state conference call….

Imagine connecting with a female physician who understands the anxiety you feel now that you have cancer or have experienced a cancer care complication…

Imagine reviewing ALL forms of breast reconstruction in detail including the risks, benefits and likely cosmetic implications for the breast site and fat donor sites….

Imagine weekly-scheduled support sessions to review and plan for upcoming clinical challenges in a truly personalized and private manner….

Imagine private information sessions to clarify treatment interventions and how to schedule your life, define child care expectations, explore intimacy issues, plan respite vacations and more…

Imagine talking it out and working on a solution without the frustration of commuting traffic, delays in the doctor’s waiting room and disappointment of re-scheduling again…

Not all patients have the luxury of traveling to Charleston,
South Carolina to receive the expert breast care the
Low Country offers, but you can take Dr. Marga with you!
We provide Concierge Breast Care by Dr. Marga at a low-cost per hour fee for all interested patients to include counsel for the following:
  • New breast cancer diagnosis
  • Recurrent breast cancer diagnosis in a previously radiated breast or chest wall
  • Failed breast reconstruction with silicone or saline implants
  • Failed fat flap reconstruction considering “re-do” flap surgery
  • Arm or breast lymphedema after surgery with and without radiation
  • Breast reduction complication
  • Cosmetic breast augmentation complication
  • Symmastia (loss of the cleavage line) after cosmetic or reconstructive surgery
  • Recurrent breast asymmetry
  • Congenital breast deformity
Breast Cancer Badge
Please contact us at 866.446.0962 or for more details and scheduling.