Cancer Care Can Be Beautiful

Breast cancer care and survival does not have to be impersonal, isolating or unattractive. At Breast Health & Beauty, we strive to evaluate and treat each patient uniquely. We take into consideration individual health care issues along with an individual’s beliefs, culture, family aspirations, job requirements, love of sports, involvement in hobbies and personal aesthetic norms.


  • Woman owned and operated
  • Direct care by board certified surgeon
  • No medical students or residents on staff
  • Attention to detail is our mantra
  • Inviting and comfortable office space



Typical evaluations include three in-person consultations prior to any surgical intervention.

The initial consult focuses on addressing your unique medical conditions, reviewing your prior breast cancer diagnostic testing and interventions, and completing a detailed physical examination.

Follow-up consultations will include a review of treatment options. During this time, we will talk about breast conservation versus mastectomy as well as the potential need and timing for chemotherapy and radiation. We also review after cancer care options during this time. Dr. Marga will go over patient driven options such as reconstruction with implants or natrual muscle sparing microsurgery.

We provide typical case study photos for your review as well, so you can visualize the difference in your options. In addition, we have a detailed discussion of procedure associated risk and benefits, and we provide ample time with Dr. Marga to ensure we answer each of your questions to your satisfaction before moving forward.


Dr. Marga will schedule weekly follow ups as needed. If you are a local patient, you will be seen weekly in-person for dressing changes and on-going counsel. If you are a traveling patient, you will be asked to send digital photos of surgical sites to her as needed and feedback will be provided in a timely fashion.

You will have Dr. Marga’s direct line for urgent care issues and her email for less time sensitive questions or concerns.


  • Please allow 2 hours for consultations
  • All our facilities are handicap accessible
  • Free parking provided next to our offices
  • Companions encourged at all consults


Please know breast reconstruction is best interpreted as a staged intervention. Reconstruction is a sequence of surgical procedures to attain the best aesthetic outcome acceptable to the individual patient. As such, each patient will have unique physical and emotional challenges. Topics addressed on this website can only represent typical patient experiences. Surgical outcomes are not guaranteed as complications do occur. Furthermore, each patient conforms differently to post-operative instructions. We do, however, strive to provide a uniquely personal cancer care plan to achieve the highest level of beauty without sacrificing function or muscle strength for each and every patient.