Dr Marga – Breasts #NotbyJack

Every heard the saying “a Jack of all trades”?

Some interpret this figure of speech as a compliment of multi-tasking – As a society we value an individual whom is competent in addressing many divergent problems. We recognize this individual as a “Generalist” or one whom is successful managing many divergent jobs or tasks.

Ever heard the saying “a Jack of all trades, a Master of None”?

This more descriptive rendition relates the contention of the “Specialist” and highlights the need to focus one’s efforts in one field of study to become THE EXPERT! You would not want an Orthopedic Surgeon to perform heart bypass surgery on your mother… So, why consult a facelift surgeon to manage your breast cancer?

It is our core value that you deserve and expect Master Care

Breasts #NotbyJack

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